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Today, for you a J5 song. Good old times …

°Michael Jackson-Motown ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Ashton Stokes says:

What about D – Z?

S GS says:

Make 24hr ver

S GS says:

Love it I showed it for my school project

cool_guy442 says:


Margarette Nacua says:

Do Loving You next

Nicki johnson says:

Love you Michael

mr shambone says:

#old times

XxKilla Ghost51xX says:

Micheal seems so happy

XxKilla Ghost51xX says:

his voice never changed its tune

XxKilla Ghost51xX says:

Micheal was born to sing

RIP MJ. the KING of pop

XxLol Gamer PlayerxX says:

Thank you for this!this is one of my favorites:)and I'm going on a flight in a few hours I'll listen to this and I changed my profile that's me (I'm 9 okay)and my name is Addison

Cosmo Kosmo says:

Jee next time Ben or Xscape

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