Top 10 Greatest Best-Selling Albums of All Time

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Top 10 Greatest Best-Selling Albums of All Time

Spanning multiple genres, each of the albums on our list also have at least 30 million copies in claimed sales. In this video, counts down our picks for the greatest top 10 best-selling albums of all-time.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. “Brothers in Arms” (1985), Dire Straits
#9. “Come On Over” (1997), Shania Twain
#8. “Nevermind” (1991), Nirvana
#7. “Born in the U.S.A.” (1984), Bruce Springsteen
#6. “Rumours” (1977), Fleetwood Mac
#5. “Back in Black” (1980), AC/DC
#4. Untitled (or “Led Zeppelin IV”) (1971), Led Zeppelin
#3. ??

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True Virgo says:

Mj all the way…

william skinner says:

Wow, A watch mojo list without Black Sabbath!

Gaya Bajye says:

GNR s album appetite for destruction ?? 30 million copies?

Free Bird says:

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is good, but i prefer the Wall

Vijay Taak says:

Nevermind.. For me.. Always nirvana..

White Boy 0302 says:

Thriller MJ

Nandita Pal says:

hybrid theory?

Israel Bloodgood says:

I'm sorry, Michael Jackson was an excellent PERFORMER and indeed a great song writer, but to say that Thriller was a more musically significant album than Sgt. Pepper is absurd. It was more POPULAR, certainly, but no where near as musically innovative and interesting. And where is Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, or Innervisions by Stevie Wonder? Those are both FAR more musically forward thinking than Thriller. Listen, Thriller is great and all, and I even would argue it should be on this list, but not at number 1.

Mitchell Williamson says:

How the fuck is the Joshua tree not on this list?

Mattis Mikelsen says:

Radiohead – Ok Computer should be here

Diamond Wo1f35 says:

why the hell is acdc 5th while back in black is second in the world

ToastyMcLoafy says:

AC/DC should have been #1

H2H2FILMS says:

appetite for destruction?

MAXXIMAL History & Strategie Gaming says:

What about News of the world with "We will rock you" and "We are the Champions"

Michael'sLittleTummy says:

yall talking shit about Michael are disgusting. Truly dumbasses. Michael was, is and will be the most famous, intelligent, incredible, greatest and talented artist of all time. And that's a fact, not an opinion.

Michael Joel says:

Umm Taylor Swift

smarterthanyous says:

Fuck that child molester. I'm glad he's dead, piece of shit!

Марина Ташлякович says:

Sgt,Pepper is very very overrated,i think Revolver and Let it be is in way better

ThePalmerhill1 says:

The Wall is better than dsotm

James Mason says:

Definitely maybe???

Tom Price says:

Sergeant peppers Lonely heart club band is the best album of all time nothing compares, end of

Hana nicole Canteros says:

I like michel jackson because he is the best.

Stratocaster Blitz says:

I came here just to see Pink Floyd

Coleyoly 99 says:

Surely what's the story morning glory has to be on this?

Debojit Sengupta says:

Heyyy answer me where is EMINEN'S The Marshall Mathars LP (2000) ???????????

L C says:

I just came because I KNEW MJ was top

X Y says:

Funny to claim best selling and then not stick to it

Epik Kidd says:

8:27 Well how can I disagree?

Etienne Fafard says:

Appetite for destruction?????????$:@*[*_#_@;{(+_$

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