Couple Shocked When Michael Jackson Cassette Bought For 25 Cents Was Autographed

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For one couple, one man’s trash is truly another man’s “Thriller.” Mike and Amber Hernon were scouring their local thrift store when they purchased an old Michael Jackson cassette for 25 cents. That seemed like a reasonable price, until days later, they realized it was signed by the King of Pop himself. “We were ecstatic,” Amber told, “kind of in shock.” But both their families had been huge fans of Michael Jackson, and for just a quarter, “we couldn’t pass it up,” Amber said.

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Uchiha Harisu says:

Pretty sure the store owner is regret πŸ˜‚

Jazzy JJ says:

The end thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Poetic Justics says:

I love Michael Jackson, But Me Getting The Signature Of Tupac Or Snoop Dogg Would Be A Dream Come True!!! 😍❀❀😍

Moonwalker77 says:

I know you won't belive this I got micheal jackson autograph for 50$ πŸ™‚

Hailey W says:

I'd keep it

Trevor J. Mello says:

How you going to talk about the bad album then play beat it?

Navy Seal says:

I am gona get that Cd

Dejahnay Rose says:

I would of sold it, he is a legend but it wouldn't mean much to me because it's not like I'm a super fan…. Idk maybe if it was someone who I truly adore and looked up to like Jojo or something, but I would wait a couple years for the price of it to increase on the market and sell it.

Maduwantha Gamalath says:

It's Michael's autograph for sure…..

Pikemonas says:


Danika Love says:

who here has parents that still has their walk man's and cassette tapes

TheVenom160 says:

It's fake!

Lps Productions says:

Long live the king😭

Phil Ad says:

I can bet a Mercedes Benz that the signature is fake.

Ivan Arras says:

What was the song playing


Signature looks real. Exactly how Michael so his autographs

Ivan Thorn says:

i wouldint sell it eaither

Tiffany Russell says:

I'd do anything….anything to get it. 😭

Alvin Barrios says:

You know, I stayed at a Holiday Inn and I can tell you that it's definitely fake.

Katerezzza Mack says:

i want cassettes for my 98 toyota tacoma but it has a cd player .which is fine!

princess dianna says:

M.J the King of Illumanti

Jozee says:

that doesn't really look like Michael's signature cx

whtfkdoing says:

they collect child rapist memorabilia…well played

deandre menefee says:

i love MJπŸ’―βœ¨πŸŽ€

Siana Staniford says:

I what it !!!!!!

Golden Girl says:

Inside Edition shouldn't even run this story until they have authenticated that signature. Anybody could've signed that!

Ameera Nasimi says:

I would cry of laughter if I found out it was fake and the kid wrote it himself. And this whole time they think it's real

Golden Retriver says:

Lucky Couple

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