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Hope u enjoy it! and thank u 4 watching πŸ™‚ MJ is simply the best !

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jason h says:

In absolute perfect time. Well when he was a child under master Joe he did NOT want a spanking

Boris Chang says:

Even in super slo-mo, I am lost.

mani chand says:

Toooo frecking good, the icon, the pioneer, the godfather of music and dance,

No one could can do it better, look that the backing dancers, lacking that magic, and mj Don't pick ur average dancers lol.KING of pop now,then and forever x

Rita Waghmare says:

mj. πŸ•΅u r undoubtedly the best ever. πŸ‘ˆonly Michael can moonwalk like this. truly and rightly called the king of pop. awesome,πŸ‘ unmatched,🀘 bestπŸ‘Œ and gr8testπŸ‘. love u Michael.❀❀❀ will always miss u.πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ

mehlatheone mm says:


Pandaliesje Russel says:

still love this and Michael!!!!

Sxc says:

perfeitoooo!!!! 😒😒😒😒

Kyle Harris says:

Why does it look cooler in slow motion?

Ramesh Vambaiyan says:

mj is god,i love you ,you are my heaven…😍😘😘

Madhanmm Lalmadhanmm says:

My dance master goods

Hani Kk King says:

its well known that boogaloo shrimp (from breakin film) taught michael how to moonwalk and m j mastered the move with more wider feet movement also mj had a better balance with hands and finish up with a double spin and ballet standing toe move,it all became his own dance signatures ….''BRILLIANT''

MaΓ―ckΓ«l Oulieu says:

Le premier moonwalk .

Bananabroz101 says:

Has anyone got a brain replacement because mine's blown

Malik Rhodes says:

Every time I see Michael as a skeleton on ghosts music video It makes me think about him because he really is one 😒

Everett Sanders says:

The toes of those shoes grip very good thats how he can pull himself back with his toes still bent on the pulling foot – plus it looks better than pulling yourself with toes straight going backwards. Michael was the best loved the 80's best myself.RIP MJ

Modos HD says:

He looks like a woman πŸ™

sheriff abubakar says:

Sad part is that in the future ,people would think Michael Jackson was white.

MR. NBG says:

everyone knows how moonwalk is done but michael does it very differently its out of this world ..both his feet are in motion in vice is that even possible without sitting on a chair…

TM Arun Kumar says:

MJ – The God Of Moonwalk Ever On Our Earth

The All Knowing Future says:

Its amazing how the moon walk is performed professionally.

RN Kim says:

Amazing performer, so talented

ufewl says:

I believe this is fake and done wit h a green screen

James King says:

No one can grab their dick like MJ

Socra Tease says:

The toe supports the weight. Helps to be light

Volatile Supernova says:

ITS SO FUCKING SMOOTH! Ah, every time it just gets me how smooth he can do it.

Cheung Thomas says:

what is the name of song?

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