Michael Jackson Invincible Interview and Cute Moments with Fans

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Watch Michael Jackson Invincible exclusive Interview and Lovely Cute Moments with Fans .

Whats your Thought about this video Moonwalkers ?? Comments Down Below

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Michael Jackson Fan Page says:

Hey Moonwalkers .. How are you all ??? I know i am late today … Lets Chat #WHOSBAD

Aleksandra Jackson says:

So cute > : 3 ♡


《》Nice 👁👃👁

Chuby J Jackson7 says:

It's funny, cause in that times, when Mike was on the red carpet, the people thought that he was fat and he couldn't dance anymore, but really, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, because in that times the attack on the twin towers occurred, so he had it on just in case <3

The Gaming Lion says:

What year was this??

theresa mack says:

you guys fall for any one who looks like mj i know thats not mj hes not that big in body

Radoslava Mladenova says:

Superstar .michael you are my heart

Just Smart'n Up says:

I wanna jump right through the screen when I see this. He needed someone to say it was ok. This was a difficult time for him. Even Liz Taylor only attended on his arm, after he agreed to purchased a 200 hundred thou necklace for her.

Yunie Atie says:


Chris Davis says:

mj was showing them how it's done

Hina Khan Loves michael says:

Love u baby if u are please come back to your fans and family on your b….day..please….mj

Mj's Annie says:

To all the mj fans out there….

That's something special for you to do..

Plz shoot a video wishing our king….happy birthday..😊😊 and send it to realmjfp@gmail. com🎂🎂🎂

Plz guyz take participate in this act..it would mean the world to Michael Jackson Fan Page…and to me..and to all #moonwalkers

Weng B Ogardo says:

Michael.. ❤😍😍😍

Mimi Mimi says:

If any other celebrity would wear such a shining navy blue suit and flaunt that messy hairstyle then it would be a fashion disaster for sure.
But see how SEXY Michael looks in whatever he wears.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Mj's Annie says:

Oh…Michael why are you so humble and gentle….??

I guess this was the reason why peoples around you always took advantage of yours just to fulfill their needs😢😢😢…world was so cruel to you…. i hope you're happy now in heaven😊👍

Mj's Annie says:

That cute lil kid who dressed LIke mj was the luckiest one on this planet…😍😍😍

Mj's Annie says:

The cutest moonwalker is yet to comment here..

If you have arrived here…
Then plz hit me back..😊😊😊

Mj's Annie says:

Where's my moonwalkers squad at???

Mj's Annie says:

Love you Michael😘😘😘😘😘😘

Michael Jackson Lover fan says:

Michael looks so good in every color he wears even if he's wearing cloths that don't even make any sense or doesn't even match still makes it AWESOME

goose says:

My heart hurts from watching this.

Junepearl Gal says:

A very professional entertainer with a heart… silent moonwalker no more!!! The adulation will remain forever❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊

Sandra Obando says:


Dee T says:

There will NEVER be another like him! 🤴🏻💛🎶🕺🏻🎶

Antonella Frigerio says:

He's so kind, so cute, but also so vulnerable…a gift from above, we'll miss him forever… <3

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