Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones Interview 1983 RARE!!!

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Michael & Quincy talk about the effort that went into making the Thriller Album, he also talks about his pet Snake Muscles & his other Animals. Shot in 1983.

Thanks for watching πŸ™‚

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Mona Hines says:

Yea I'm getting a vibe from this video I feel like Quincy did something to Micheal Jackson look at his hand all on his shoulder MJ looks uncomfortable and the shades are not hiding it and I also believe that Quincy might have done something to Tevin campbell. When Tupac said that I never forgot it and no wonder why MJ was protected of his children. I hope people come out about the quincy look at him why is he so closed to this young man hes hawking him!!!!!

Marsha Creary says:

Why is he holding a boa constrictor while 'Don't Stop till you get Enough' is playing in the background?

Marsha Creary says:

Is that an Imperial Russian Crimean War Hassar jacket Michael is wearing?

C SIII says:

why was he rubbing his leg.

robinsl27 says:

Nothing awkward here.

tony atlass says:

Michael Jackson was touched by someone hmmmm!!


Could've done without the closeup of him peeling that snake. πŸ˜‚

dtown boogie says:

is Quincy rubbing Mike's leg??

Alyssa Alyssa says:

For all the people who have a thick skull who lie and claim Michael is gay.Yall need to look up on Youtube Michael Jackson talks about Madonna and in this video he says Madonna is forcing him to go to a strip club and doesn't want to go because there are transgenders there.Don't disrespect Michael!!!!!😑😑(no offense to people sexuality please do not get mad after this post. I'm tired of arguing over what I stand for which is what is right)Michael wasn't gay I hate when people say that

Louis Brasil says:

Muscles the boa constrictor> Bubbles the chimp

Alyssa Alyssa says:

the last thing I want to say is, yall need to get yall minds out the sky and think outside the box. Just think about it, all these rumors popped up about Michael soon he died not when he was alive people did this for money. they did the same thing with Prince, Whitney Houston,James brown,2pac,biggie,easy e, and other celebrities. All im saying is you can't go by what the media says because the media lies 24/7 you have to go with what you believe but. im not going to lie about 10% of the time the media is right but 90% the media is wrong so just go with what you believe not what people says because people always lies and spread rumors about people. I don't have time to be arguing or preaching about what people can't get through they thick skull about Don't DIsrespect Michael facts about him or about Jesus or Godif they don't wont listen they just want listen I can't make them listen. All I am saying is, don't make people change your beliefs about people unless they have proof about it. Its very easy to lie on someone and get a million dollars but will it feel good to lie on someone for money deep down inside will it feel good if you have a good heart it wont . So spread goodness not untruthful rumors about people because yall jealous of that person

mergingbutterfly says:

That's muscles from the song I want muscles song by Do Diana​ Ross

michael king of pop forever says:

media ..illuminatti..sony .martin bashir etc.are the the scary snakes….ssshhhhhhh…

Rule-the-worldTv says:

if I had 5 wishes that would be granted…one of them would be to wish Michael Jackson come back to life…!!

d0hv says:

I'm holding my Boa Constrictor as I watch this. His name is King. He isn't nearly as big as Muscles though, because he's just a baby.

Paul Bessman II says:

illumanti!! ya dont see it!!!

MissyHoldup says:

I can't sit next to anyone holding a snake that big in their. Michael or nah, no.

Erin Ashby says:

He has a really big snake 😏😏😏

trple5 says:

Quincy Jones use to pop Mike in his ass when he was just a boy! This is how Mike got into pedophilia!

seanlamar29 says:

quincy is a natural faggot

Michael JacksonLover says:

Michael Was and still is a beautiful Man to me i Love him with all my heart

Dom says:

"When I walk my llama" yes, Michael. πŸ˜‚ literally only you πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Heather Cunningham says:

will everyone please stop saying really mean things about quency please!

luna X says:

Who tf gives a shit what their sexuality is. It's doesn't effect you and your personal life and it doesn't effect the good music. Either accept them as human beings or simply exit. Each are pretty simple.

Yasmeen d says:

I love how Mike is casually holding a snake in his hands πŸ˜‚

Donna Diop says:

I always wanted to know why he was looking Indian a this era

escaton74 says:

I was always wondering what went on with his hairline, especially at the sides. I mean, this was before his Pepsi accident and wearing wigs & stuff, so what is it ? is it a transplant or tattoo or just shoe polish ?

Clyde Norris says:

Mike did emphasize "sleeping" lol

Devin Baltimore says:

micheal was fly

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