Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie & Quincy Jones – Grammy Awards 1986

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Song of the Year
Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie (songwriters) for “We Are the World” performed by USA for Africa

Record of the Year
Quincy Jones (producer) for “We Are the World” performed by USA for Africa

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Mary Levi says:

Two great singers. I love Lionel. It is so nice to see them together, getting an awards for such an amazing job: “WE ARE THE WORLD” Lionel Richie, His voice was so unique. We miss you Michael, our king for ever

azza A says:

So adorable

KEENster D says:

Michael is so dreamy

Heero Kakashi says:

It's so sad that he died. Hurts me so much.

Anray McNeil says:

12 Grammys

750,000,000 Albums worldwide

And I see Michael was growing a little of a moustache.
King Michael👑👑👑👑

edioLedioLedioLItsLoide-ros4lbaonly- salgado says:

like who is watching in 2017

I Love You Ponny says:

😻💜🙈 Why The Maicon Is So Cute 💘💘💘💘💘

pwR CS:GO says:

mito! imortalizado!

Preshna Tate says:

Ohh God.. Why wasn't I born in the year 1958.. Why God why..??? I love u Michael.. From the bottom of my heart.. RIP.. I wish u would have been alive.. 🙁

YouTudo/ TerraPlana says:

Dois dos maiores cantores da história da música ❤️👏👏🏻👏🏿

Next Please says:

Mike trying to stay on the screen whilst Quincy is giving the speech 😂

ZoZo Unturned says:

00:27 Steve rogers watch grammy awards omgg

Αλίκη Λαλιώτη says:

I always love him !!!!!!!!!!!!

N Jackson says:


N Jackson says:


Unapologetically_Black And_Proud says:

Micheal and Lionel wrote the song together. Quincy produced it………….

Mayka says:

Thanks Michael for all the great moments you give us.

Lobby Tv says:

Mc Daleste é mitoo

Bruno Rodrigues says:

Two great stars, which I will never forget.

Horan's TØP says:

he looks handsome here, yet again Michael was always handsome

Cool Kidd says:

He looks black and Spanish here but in a sexy way😍😍😍

Cool Kidd says:

My God he's so sexy😍😍😍 welcome to the bad era😍😍😍

Yann yowane says:

I will be very surprised if someone tells me that this had haters in the industry of music because he was supreme.

Ozlem Yildirim says:

Yes ,the grammy goes to the greatest entertainer of all time Michael Jackson.) To all Michael haters- go to hell.)

Victor Di Cavalcanti says:

0:08 Is Nick Rhodes there?

Michael Jackson says:

I wish I was born in 1958

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