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“Center Stage” – “Camino a la Fama”

Película de drama estadounidense del año 2000 dirigida por Nicholas Hytner. Protagonizada por los bailarines de ballet:
Amanda Schull, Ethan Stiefel y Sascha Radetsky.

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Sally Yllas says:

To think people these days complain about kids opening their legs in jazz competition dance, when that's been happening in ballet for ages! There's nothing wrong with it.

Stojka Stamenova says:

Michael Jackson🙌🏼😍

Helena 99 says:

That shows the world what means to be a great dancer

Ester Balbi says:

amazing Ethan Stiefel!!

Richard D says:

you would probably get more views if you upload the full finale in one video. people would come back to watch it multiple times.

Tini love says:

that's sooo good 😍

sakura_rain says:

Lol when her hair accessorie flies off, I love how it correspondes with the music.

jess is kewl says:

Best part of the movie

***VIXEN *** says:

that was my fav. part of the movie, the final reveal of coopers' choreographed  piece for the show, sort of a (kiss my ass) to the ex an the boss (they cheated on him  an later married) LOL!! I never get tired of this… ahaha

yocelyn M. jackson says:

lo mas hermoso que eh vistoo😍💘

Tassie Djemal says:

that was so good wow

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