Duck Butter? | Urban Dictionary Challenge

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Andrea and I decide to play Urban Dictionary Game and of course I had to add a little twist! A big thank you to everyone we called and annoyed, you guys are all troopers!

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Brant Vasquez says:

You won fried rice?!?

SuperThind says:

Imma gonna lick you

DonutandDusk says:

Fun to watch!

HeroofSomething says:

That's a past tense of Brody hahah please keep it up

HeroofSomething says:

Sorry mom I'm literally ded haha

NightSwipe17 says:

God this was absolutely priceless. Hope to see more soon! Keep up the great work!

King Strelka says:

This is amazing haha laughed so many times

Natalia Gaming says:

Hello Stef! You've become one of my favorite YouTubers! I was wondering if you had some kind of release date with your videos. I look forward to your videos! Keep up the good work! ☺️☺️

Jason Smith says:

My god you have to do the "(sorry mom)" in every video now ahaha this was so good! <3 😀 Would definitely watch more of these! X'D I lost it at "teabagging for the older generation"

Profit Lemon says:

Grundle butter

Rebekah K says:

This was hilarious you should definitely do more, and get the guys to play it too! 🙂

Baby Jala says:

That was too funny!

Chls says:

super fun to watch 🙂

andrea mancera says:

I died at "thats past tense of Brody" 😂😂😂

Brennan Barber says:

"WARNING: This video is full of inappropriate terms like F**K, C**K, and other shit like that. (Sorry mom)" needs to be your new intro haha

Brennan Barber says:

Yay!! A new video!

Maddison Gister says:

glad your posting again love ya😊❤

sumBody1ce says:

Yes, first like

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