Michael Jackson’s Dermatologist: MJ Was A Diprivan Addict

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Dr. Arnie Klein, the dermatologist of the late Michael Jackson, tells Larry King that he once gave the King of Pop Demerol, the “strongest medication” he prescribed for him. He also says he knew Jackson used Diprivan to go to sleep while touring in Germany, and warned him about the long-term dangers of the drug. He comments that a person possessing the sedative in one’s house “doesn’t make sense to me.”

He adds that Michael had an addiction to a certain medication – not Diprivan – and admitted he once needed to reduce dosage of a prescription.

He also calls the late singer “a great patient.”

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Stacey Story says:

That Med was not for home use.

ann landers says:

EVERYBODY knew Michael Jackson had a serious sleep problem especially when he was on tour.

Jared Lowey says:

Anyone who doesn't believe that MJ wasn't a drug or plastic surgery addict is an idiot.

jay m says:

KEENAN west? lord

Jared Lowey says:

He seriously didn't know the name of the actor who played the Joker in The Dark Knight?

Fly Agaric says:

this fucking jewish slag is nothing but a legal heroin pusher. he was injecting michael with demerol, on a daily basis. Demerol was what led to the demise on michael, as withdrawing from it which was needed to get through rehearsals for this is it, are insomnia. This meant michael needed more powerful drugs to sleep such a propofol, which killed him. Indirectly Klein is as bad, if not worse than murray.

Jill Morgan says:

He is lying!He keeps trying to say MJ was addicted to that to take the focus off of what he did to MJ!It doesn't get you high so why would he be so addicted it doesn't make any sense!

Fadumo Farah says:

I hate this dude, worst than Dr Murray! Michael always had some creepy people around him… look at his lying face..

TheRounder1980 says:

Some of you are sick. And would follow him if he's a murder. He was a human with many demons and thought he could buy anything. Not sure he's a Ped but either or you that he isn't. Kids always come first sorry. MJ lied many times and this is coming from someone that's seen him live and was a fan. Separate person to singer. If it was normal person you wouldn't think same?

Kompact Films says:

hey that`s prince`s father šŸ˜€

Kello Bello says:

Absolutely princes biological father. As much as I love mj…..although I think blanket IS his biological child

Kimono says:

creepy doc!

Calvin Johnson says:

The Doctor Sounds High Himself…

ann landers says:

That is all one big lie. Ā Michael Jackson's body was not "riddled with needle marks". Ā Such media fucking bullshit. Ā Makes me sick. Ā Glad Larry King is gone and we don't have to see his bullshit on television anymore.

Ms Joppie says:

His name was mentioned so many times, why was he NOT questioned in court. #Murray Ā #HOAX

J Champagne says:

The MJ haters are just jealous because they will never have one shred of the effect this one man had on everything and everyone. You haters are mindless sheep who still believe the garbage the tabloids wrote about the most gorgeous human being inside and out to ever grace this planet . When you haters are dead and gone no one will remember you but I know for damn sure Michaels legacy will live on and on for many more generations to come. So keep right on hating all you are doing is proving the jealousy of Michael rules your life even 6 years after he was taken from us.

Sean French says:

5:35 Did you ever see any IV type equipment in his house? (Looks straight at Larry) "Never." Did you ever see Diprivan in his home? (Looks up and to the right) "No." (Again looks up to the right) "No I never did." I believe him more when he looks Larry straight in the eye, but I think it has been proven that the eyes do not suggest honesty or lying.

Dave Becker says:

He,s lying ! He never saw the body after he was transported to the coroner . Michael had issues with lupus and that alone requires harsh pain killers and also sleep aids . And being a person who lived at neverland most of the time alone , just the hired help I,m sure he smoked pot to calm his nerves and drank like any adult . Allen Metzger said Michael was addicted to Demerol and he got it from this jerk .

swedishfootballfan says:

Prince Michael's father??

Thinkand van Watch says:

0:08 he never see marks. and still keep talking BS

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