Game Over: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

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Dramatic footage from the final minutes of the King of Pop’s life.

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Metal04-OFFICIAL says:

This is hands down the saddest Game Over screen I have ever seen. It simply makes me think of Michael Jackson's death. Almost brings me to tears.

Metal04-OFFICIAL says:

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

Roblox says:

0:22 used to scare me to death when I first played in '86

Cam Hernandez says:


MinusTheRogue says:

he was hit by…
he was struck by….
a smooth criminal!

MrDerOutsider says:

R.I.P michael

Jami2dope says:

0:14 "Help Me!"

도영민 says:


Luis Perea says:

This kinda makes me sad cuz it kinda reminds u just how he really died…laying there peacefully and his soul being lifted up to the heavens R.I.P. MJ

The Toontastic Toon says:

this GameOver, even though most find it funny due to the raging knife guy (lmao such a butiful sprite there) the "halp meeh" and the fact that MJ just "turns into" a red GameOver, I legit got a tear in my eye the first time I watched when MJ turned to dust. I didn't see it as "he turned INTO a GameOver sign," I saw it in a different way. Like, MJ is motionless, on a quiet, dark screen so that it's specifically focused directly on him and nothing else. He has an unfortunate expression and position signaling that he's dead and it's your fault. Then suddenly, he drifts away into dust, with an angelic sound. Because the sound kept playing a bit even after the red letters appeared, I saw it as a representation of him and his bright purity being blown away into Heaven, never to return. The GameOver that formed was his last message to the player as he was being wisped away forever. It was silvery, pure colored GameOver like MJ. It turned red to represent how the purity has faded away and something truly dark has occurred because of you. It's rubbing the impact in by turning dark red. It's really sort of hard for me to explain my weird, deep ways of interpretting GameOvers in words… cough

ViableNutria7972 says:

Still funnier than the version on Genesis.
HYELLPP MEEE. turns into dust and forms game over

Eliete Bolfarini says:

🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( 🙁 🙁 🙁

Dark 9-Volt says:

Goodbye MJ,

Jean Bondoc says:

When Michael Jackson Died because they killed by the villans and bad guys and Past away.

Zero 0 says:

What the FACK Michael Jackson fighting criminals????

King Kickass says:

And so Michael Jackson failed to finish charging the spirit bomb, allowing the Terrorists and Football-Player-Wannabees-Who-Never-Stop-Running-In-Place to take over the planet with absolutely no resistance, as Global Moral had dropped to absolute zero.

With SOPA and PIPA put forcefully in place by the terrorists, and the universe becoming a safe place for jock assholes to talk down to everyone forever, the world descended into an eternal age of darkness, and soon all life decayed into nothing.

Game Over.

Mamacita8701 says:

Damn this is hard to watch now…

YoungLink14 says:

Kade loves Michael Jackson

KesorodaBlk says:

And so, Michael became a Cyber Elf, joining the likes of X, Elpizo and Giro.

Silverhawk4903 says:

didnt think they would make something like this i mean its…….wow

prinnyXdood says:

OOOOOOHHH!!! *grabs his crotch and lie down*

yu, they will be here says:

Can't belive that this game sound's worse than it's Genesis counterpart.

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