Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker arcade 3 player Netplay 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps (only available on HTML5 player). I’m player 1, Star is player 2 and Duran is player 3.

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fox 17 says:

J'adore seut jeux


Imagine if this game is actually true and there was someone trying to kill him! Dun dun dun!!!!

KOF ismycity says:

P3 Michael iz confirmed Nazi

Tim S says:

Is this the same engine as Xmen?

Maria Arriaga says:

I have that game lol

Landon Williams says:

I have this game on my tablet

Димон says:


gyro c one says:

Faved JUST for the first 10 seconds! lol

Endymion says:

This game is fun with friends. One of the most memorable one.

parrish6696 says:

In the movie Mr big never despites having super advanced technology

Zero -. says:

i tried to find the game but i installed one called "Moonwalker" but its tottaly different, i need to find that game

uma famila da pesada os simpsons says:

o samuel e matheusb e wendel ta jogando sega arcade 3 controle game arcade do michael jackson

AwesoneGamerMusicianCreativeGirl15 says:

I want sega to remake this game for their sega forever service

Zeroin22 says:

Man if this was remade id play it alll day

Margarita Maldonado says:

Moo walker Michael Jackson

Hanferd says:

It was a huge deal back when Michael Jackson Moonwalker game came out for the Sega Genesis, because back then no celebrities and let alone world famous pop star like Michael would ever appear in a videogames that was seen as a "Children toy" back then.

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