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Why do people hate Michael Jackson?

I mean, how the media portrays a person is obviously not how that person really is. A person cannot be that negative as what the media and the people of America say he is. After I did a little research, I found further explanations on Michael Jackson's real life. 1. Michael Jackson did not bleach himself and turn himself white, as contrary to the media and the people's belief. Michael Jackson actually has a skin disorder called vitiligo, which causes loss of pigmentation to the skin (not necessarily large white patches, but loss of pigmentation (or melanin) in certain parts of the body. When this furthermore increases, patients may go through a process called depigmentation to make their skin color one universal color, but this color would have to be pale, since it is "de-pigmenting" the skin. So, that is why Michael Jackson appears to be a skeleton white color, because he HAS NO pigmentation in his skin. 2. Michael Jackson obviously had many rhinoplasties done on his nose, but many people mistake the reason why. As you may all know, Michael Jackson's father, Joseph "Joe" Jackson, abused young Michael throughout his early years up to even his 20's, controlling him and teasing him of the sort. It is known that Joseph Jackson used to refer to Michael Jackson "Big Nose" constantly. And this is commonly known as "verbal abuse". If any of you have been victims of verbal abuse, you should know that verbal abuse can affect the person greatly. And this is why, most likely, Michael Jackson had multiple rhinoplasties. However, Michael Jackson also has an accident in 1979, which caused him to have rhinoplasties to fix that issue as well. 3. On the contrary to what the media taunts him for, Michael Jackson was indeed found not guilty by the court of the jury on June 13, 2005. However, even after he was found not guilty, many people believe he is guilty because of judging his lifestyle and not the real case. Many people will admit that they never even researched about the 2005 Child Molestation Case and still say that Michael Jackson is guilty. However, if they knew the facts, their opinion will be quite different. It was known that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, was a thief and a very unbehaved young man. He had previously had many suspensions and detentions because of his behavior in school. George Lopez, the well know comedian, even testified in court that young Gavin Arvizo had stole 40 dollars from his wallet in the previous months. Gavin Arvizo's mother, Janet Arvizo, was pending a fine for assaulting a security guard at a JCPenney's and stealing over $1,000,000 worth of merchandise from that store. As you can see, the accuser and the accuser's family were well known scammers. So, how could you believe the story of the molestation, when Gavin Arvizo himself admitted later that Michael Jackson never molested him? And when people say that Michael Jackson paid his accuser, they meant his 1993 child molestation case with Jordan Chandler, another little scammer, who eventually in the later years, was seen buying Michael Jackson's new Thriller 25 album? Would you want to support a guy that "molested" you finacially? I don't think so. And it was later found that Michael Jackson never made that 25 million out-of-court settlement, but his insurance company did, which he had NO control over. Michael Jackson is well known as a freak, but after a little research, I found out, he wasn't as bad as the media portrayed him to be 🙂 Now, after reading this, what do you think of Michael Jackson? [If you need me to further more explain sometime, I gladly will]

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Michael Jackson is hated by people who don't know him.People who are simply ignorant because they read what the newspapers say and actually believe it.Those who know Michael Jackson and read about him deeply will know he is just an innocent man who has been taken advantage of by the media.The media is full of people who tell lies for a living and are experts at that because the truth does not sell.Another reason why people hate Michael Jackson is because of jealousy, first of all he is a blackman who has defied the laws that only white people can excell that well, so they try to ruin his image all they can.Most white people claim Elvis Pressley was the greatest artist of all time simply because they cannot stand the fact that Michael Jackson a black man actually is the greatest artist of all time, so what do they do? They spoil his image eveen though you still see the same people listening to his music.The so called child molestation charges made against him were false, proof is that the children said they were forced by their parents to say they were molested they did this to get money from a multimillionaire Michael Jackson.Actually it was the British press that started the name Wacko Jacko, and we all know how bad and dishonest they are.This coming from a person born in England.The British press talk too much so much so that it affects their national football team and they can't perform well. Like you said his appearance is as an effect of Vitiligo not because he wanted to turn white.Despite all these people who hate Michael Jackson he still has many loyal fans who believe in him.He is just an innocent man who is blamed for nothing.

Michael jackson?

How did michael jackson turn white.

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Michael Jackson has a skin disease called Vitiligo. This destroys the pigment of the skin and turns it very pale white. It was perhaps hereditary – his grandfather had it. He's been through a lot. As a child, he was abused by his father who called him ugly and beat him. The trauma of his childhood triggered it, and it became noticable when he was an old teenager. In early 1984, he was burned during a Pepsi Commercial, and this worsed vitiligo and also led him to suffer from Lupus as well. This did the entire opposite of vitiligo and gave him red rashes on his cheeks. He put on lots of makeup. During the Victory Tour his skin did not look natural, because there was so much makeup and when he was sweaty it would come off and show the white patches of skin. Around 1987, his patches got so extensive he gradually used paler makeup.By the Dangerous era, he used extensive makeup, and his skin was variably yellow or white. During the HIStory era, he looked the same but even paler. Perhaps he did bleach his skin, but it was because of vitiligo. Stage outfits have been found with skin bleach. In fact, this is what his doctor confirmed, but he probably used it because he had lupus, which made his skin more pigmented during the Thriller era. It's not possible for him to do this without vitiligo as his skin would appear very rough and nothing like what it does now. But Michael is not alone, many others have bleached their skin due to this devastating disease. Because of Vitiligo, Michael cannot be in the sun and carries an umbrella on sunny days. Even though he may have bleached it, the pigment cells still return occasionally and he wears the mask to conceal them. His trademark glove, as well as his long sleeve costumes for most of his live concerts are also there to conceal the vitiligo. Vitiligo can also affect your personality. He was very emotional when he talked about it and he became more reclusive and depressed. He became even more depressed due to his traumatic childhood, and the accusations of child molestation, from people who betrayed him just to get money. He's been betrayed by many people, but many still love him! As in the way Michael sang in Ben: "I don't listen to a word they say!!!"

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Michael Jackson The Experience Thriller

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